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About Us

Learn about The Website Profit Doctors history, vision, and plans to shape the Web design profession.

Gazing out windowVictim to "Big Firm Meltdown" in early 2002, Rick Costello believed he could establish the right partnerships and start a new consulting business faster than he could find another ideal employer.

While employed and leading Web projects for customers such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, Caterpillar Inc., The Naperville Chamber of Commerce, and Champion Pneumatics, this Senior eBusiness Consultant easily transitioned from "company cornerstone" to business owner.

After identifying one of the market's biggest problems (a Website's inability to turn a profit), he decided to brand the business and fill the void accordingly.

The brand formula is as follows...

  • Website: (n) a related collection of files that represents a company, organization or person.

  • Profit: (n) an advantageous gain or return; benefit

  • Doctor: (n) a person trained in healing and licensed to help

Rick Costello and The Website Profit Doctors: (n) are people trained in healing and licensed to help you gain an advantageous return or benefit from your Website.

With over 18 years of innovative Web design, marketing, communication and problem solving experience, Rick Costello sought out to help small and mid-size companies extract measurable business value from their Website.

Combined with 16 years of traditional marketing strategies, merchandising techniques, software usability and consumer psychology research, he clearly understands the ingredients to Website profitability.

Prior to "Big Firm" employment...

Rick owned New Age Graphix, a print, web, and multimedia design firm that serviced customers such as Borg-Warner Automotive, Turtlewax Inc, Donne Insurance Corp, and Draeger Institute.

Prior to his first business, he worked as a freelance designer on projects for Microsoft, Parker Bros., Toys "R" Us, Pizza Hut, Sylvania Lighting, United Parcel Service, McDonalds and others.

As for credentials, The North West Center of Emerging Technology (NWCET) and National Skill Standards Board (NSSB) consider Rick a Super Subject Matter Expert (SuperSME) for Web and Digital Media.

Rick is also a member of The Internet Caucus Advisory Committee (ICAC) and has agreed to help educate Members of Congress and advance the United States' world leadership in the digital marketplace.Cutting costs for a customer

So, what makes The Website Profit Doctors rise above in a saturated marketplace? Learn why they are the best website help company for your business.

Today, Rick has 5 simple business rules...

  • Value every customer
  • Never lie to customers, staff, partners or the media
  • Lead by example
  • Under-promise and over-deliver
  • Service each customer profitably

The marketplace void to fill is clear...

  • Most website conversion rates are poor or unknown
  • Most websites cannot influence the buying decision
  • Most websites attract the wrong type of visitors

  • Most owners still believe a "good looking" website will eventually produce results
  • Most companies don't know how to effectively use a website for business
  • Most websites simply under perform its potential

But there is good news...

A Website can be the most powerful business tool on the planet. With proper Website Strategic Planning & Coaching, Competitive Intelligence & ResearchGoogle Analytics Analysis, and Website Improvements, we can provide eyebrow-raising results.

The Website Profit Doctor's "mission" is to increase the percentage of Website visitors who buy and inquire, and the following services help do just that:

Website Improvements

Website Redesigns & Makeovers

Custom Website & Application Development

Mobile Friendly Web Development

Google AdWords Advertising

Bing Ads Advertising

Google Analytics Set Up

Strategic Planning & Coaching

Competitive Intelligence & Research

Purchase Process Assessments

Lead Capture Assessments

If you need more help learning about us, read some FAQs, check out our web design portfolio, browse our website help products and website help services, contact Rick Costello directly via email; or call 1 (630) 788-9969 (8 am - 5 pm CST) and fire-off your toughest question.

Need to convince someone else? Learn How to present a case for Website investments or check out our unique approach to website help.

If you need more time to think about it, subscribe to our newsletter and wait for special discounts, limited promotions and new articles. Don't decide until you're absolutely convinced we are the best website help company.

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